Release Notes v2023.6

Release Notes v2023.6

  • We’re excited to announce our first confirmed speakers, all of which are members of the @Golang team:

    🌈 Julie Qiu, Security Team Lead

    🌈 Jonathan Amsterdam, Software Engineer

    🌈 Cameron Balahan, Product Lead

  • Speaking of confirmed speakers, our first round of invites was sent yesterday, and we’re happy to announce additional speakers soon. The second round of invites will be sent on Monday, 20.03.2023

  • The Early Gopher (Without a Workshop) tickets are sold out, but a few Combined Early Gopher (With a Workshop) are still available! Grab them before they sell out. The Early Gopher rate is available until sold out or until 24.03.2023

  • As always, please email us if you need any help: