Master of Ceremonies

MC 26/05 - 28/05

Mat Ryer

Co-founder, io.Writer, io.Speaker, sometimes io.Idiot.

Supporting Mat throughout the event will be our co-MCs:

Anthony Alaribe

Anthony Alaribe is a Senior Software Engineer at Delivery Hero. He is based in Berlin, Germany and has been writing Go in production since 2014. Besides writing code, he is excited about functional programming, enjoys drawing in nature, and loves hiking.

Marcela Sisiliani

Hey u, I'm Marcela! I'm from São Paulo, Brazil and I work as a Software Engineer at RD Station. I believe the best way to provide effective software solutions is by providing good documentation. My biggest passions are sharing knowledge with the community, travel and getting to know new places with my girlfriend and my cats (if I don't mention them here, I'm probably gonna die kkkkry).

Charlotte Brandhorst-Satzkorn

Charlotte spent 2020 retraining as a software engineer after leaving a career in academia due to a long period of critical illness. Switching from her Ruby roots to work with Go six months ago, she enjoys the lack of magic and awesome community. She has now started a career as a software engineer at Tailscale and recently relocated from the UK to Toronto, Canada! In her spare time, Charlotte loves to spend time hiking, climbing and trail running, as well as posting copious amounts of GIFs on Twitter.

Michal Front

Michal is a fresh out-of-the-oven developer from Israel, currently living in Berlin. In pre-covid life she was a classical singer, swing dancer, embroidery artist and time traveller.

Ronna Steinberg

Ronna is a Software engineer, Google Developer Expert for Go, architect, speaker and a mentor. Ronna co-organizes the activities of Women Who Go Berlin. Advocating that coding is for everyone, Ronna ran her own mentoring program for women in tech for two years. Ronna also manages the diversity scholarship program for GopherCon Europe.