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May 26

Day 1
Numbers Are Just Numbers, or How Go Avoided the Integer Promotion Footgun
  • Dave Cheney

Coffee Break
The Joy of Docs, or, Technical Writing for Developers and Engineers
  • Dana Scheider

The Dark Side of Go: A 2020 Go Malware Round-Up
  • Joakim Kennedy

Lunch Break
Designing Payloads for Event-Driven Systems
  • Lorna Jane Mitchell

Demystifying Technical Debt
  • Egon Elbre

Workshop: Application Security

[Requires a Separate Ticket]

  • Anna-Katharina Wickert

Workshop: Practical Go, The Skills You’ll Need to Work with Go

[Requires a Separate Ticket]

  • Johnny Boursiquot

  • Kevin Siende

Workshop: Profiling and Tracing Go Applications

[Requires a Separate Ticket]

  • Bill Kennedy

  • Ian Juma

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May 27

Day 2
Fusing Io/Fs with Gopls: Building a Cloud-based Go Editor from Scratch
  • André Eriksson

Break 15
Audio Programming with Go
  • Dylan Meeus

(Neural) Natural Language Processing in Go
  • Matteo Grella

Break 15
Best Friends Forever(BFFs): Lambda and Go Apps
  • Adelina Simion

  • Xiao Liu

Between Order and Chaos: Creating Immersive Generative Art With Go
  • Preslav Rachev

Break 30
OpenTelemetry for Dummies: Instrumenting Go Apps
  • Ricardo Ferreira

Unlocking Ebpf from Go
  • Grant Seltzer Richman

Break 15
Ctx is Key!
  • Samuel Davidson

Pion WebRTC: Real-Time Communication for Conferences, Broadcasts, Remote Control and Robotics all in Go!
  • Sean DuBois

Break 15
Panel: Go Security
  • Filippo Valsorda

  • Katie Hockman

  • Roberto Clapis

  • Roland Shoemaker

Wrap Up
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May 28

Day 3
Terminal Emulator Basics in Golang
  • Ishuah Kariuki

Break 15
Function Inlining
  • Valentin Deleplace

Quantum-Resistant Native Go Programs: Taking the (Quantum) Leap
  • Mathilde Raynal

  • Yolan Romailler

Break 15
Dynamic Go Instrumentation for Production Environments
  • Julio Guerra

When Toy Languages Grow Up
  • Linus Lee

Break 30
Create Your Go Projects with TDD in Mind
  • Maricris Bonzo

The Dependency Jungle: Supply Chain Security and Kubernetes
  • Dan Lorenc

Break 15
Derisking Migrations of API Backends
  • Sushant Bhadkamkar

Why It Takes a Team of Engineers Just to Process Events in Realtime
  • Alan Braithwaite

Break 15
Panel: Go Tooling
  • Hana Kim

  • Julie Qiu

  • Katie Hockman

  • Rebecca Stambler

  • Suzy Mueller

Wrap Up